A Cleaner World Thanks To Sustainable Glass

Sustainability both in production and in the product

Made In Belgium

FINEO is produced in Lodelinsart (Belgium). This is a very conscious choice because the Belgian electricity network emits little carbon. The ecological footprint would be much larger if the production were to take place in another country. Moreover, in 2019, FINEO installed a large number of solar panels allowing the company to operate as much as possible on green electricity generated on-site. In other words, FINEO is a thoroughly local product, where sustainability and high quality go hand in hand.

Smart transport ensures low emissions

FINEO glass is lighter and thinner than double or triple glazing. This means that more glass sheets are taken per journey and so fewer lorries need to take to the road. Thanks to Belgium’s central location, logistically efficient exports are possible to neighbouring countries with minimum emissions. As a result, the emissions from the transport of FINEO are much lower than those of other manufacturers.

Europe Map

FINEO goes for the circular economy

Reuse is very important. FINEO glass is 100% recyclable and without loss of quality. In 2020, 97.1% of all waste was reused, either by the company itself, or by suppliers or contractors. In addition, 1% was incinerated, from which energy was extracted. Finally, in 2020, only 1.9% went to the landfill. While this is certainly a good figure, the goal is 0%. Is 0% possible? Between 1998 and 2020, parent company AGC Glass Europe succeeded in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill by 95%. We are convinced that FINEO will be waste neutral within a few years.

Recycle Glass

Sustainability does not start or stop with production, it is a mindset that all stakeholders must bear.

How does FINEO help to achieve Green Building certifications such as LEED® and BREEAM?

breeam cert

  • Thermal insulation saves energy
  • No use of waste material
  • 15% more natural light indoors
  • Combination of thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Less energy needed for heating
  • Reduction of CO₂ emissions
  • 15% more natural light indoors

Looking towards the future – Six goals have been set for 2030

six goals

Certificates achieved

Thanks to investments in sustainability, FINEO has already obtained the following certificates.
The Environmental Product Declaration is a certificate where a company scientifically identifies the climate impact of its products, by means of a Life Cycle Analysis. In this way, a company can prove that it operates in an environmentally friendly way.

Certificates pending

Certs PendingCradle to Cradle® evaluates the overall sustainability of a product throughout its entire life cycle. This certificate goes beyond product quality, focussing also on the positive effects at the economic, ecological and social levels.
The application for EPD type 4 has also been submitted. This means that an independent party issues the certificate.

*Cradle to Cradle Certified® is a registered trademark