If I live in a protected building can I retrofit Fineo into the existing timber frames?2020-02-11T15:39:16+00:00

Yes. Fineo’s advanced vacuum insulated technology means that it is only 6.7mm thick and therefore can be retrofitted easily into all timber sash window frames, especially those of delicate period or conservation / heritage buildings.

Will Fineo help reduce the acoustic levels of perceived noise outside?2019-10-25T15:04:50+00:00

Yes, Fineo has excellent acoustic properties. It can provide a received improvement of 34% when compared to single glazing and 18% when compared to double and triple glazing.

What is Fineo?2019-10-25T15:01:10+00:00

Fineo is a vacuum insulated double-glazing created by AGC in conjunction with Panasonic. It consists of two sheets of glass, each as little as 3mm thick with a vacuum gap of 1mm between them. The vacuum creates excellent thermal insulation.

How does Fineo compare to traditional glazing?2020-02-11T15:38:50+00:00

Comparison with Traditional glazing

Does Fineo come with a guarantee?2024-05-01T15:51:46+00:00

Yes. Fineo comes with a market leading guarantee of 20 years against unit failure.

How much does Fineo cost?2020-02-25T10:39:35+00:00

The cost varies greatly from one project to another depending on the complexity (i.e. dimensions of the glass, state of the existing frames, need for a scaffolding etc.). It is therefore difficult to provide an average cost per square meter. To obtain a cost, simply fill in the contact form here and we will be in touch.

What is the U-Value of Fineo?2020-02-25T10:42:49+00:00

The U-value is a thermal transmittance, or the heat loss through a structural element. The lower the value, the better the thermal insulation. The U-value of Fineo is 0.7 (compared to 5.8 of single glazing)

Can I keep my existing sash window frames?2020-02-25T11:04:26+00:00

Yes, FINEO can be retrofitted into your existing wooden sash window frames. This makes FINEO the perfect solution if you live in a period home or listed building.

Is the survey and quotation free?2020-02-25T10:48:47+00:00

Yes. We will provide a home survey and no obligation quotation. To get started simply fill out the form on our contact page

Is Fineo available in special shapes?2020-02-25T10:51:57+00:00

Currently Fineo is only available in square or rectangle. Additional shapes will be available in the near future.

Does Fineo contain any inert gases?2020-02-25T11:03:19+00:00

No. As Fineo is a vacuum insulated unit it does not contain any inert gases such as Argon or Krypton, which may leak out over time.

Below is a comparison table showing other slim double glazing, note the length of guarantee with the gas filled units and the % level of improvement Fineo offers.

Comparison with Slim Glazing

Does Fineo have an evacuation port?2020-02-25T10:59:58+00:00

No. Other vacuum double glazing require a vacuum evacuation port (a black circle on each pane of glass), but Fineo’s advanced glazing technology means that this port is not required — making it more aesthetically pleasing than its competitors.

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