12.5% More Energy Efficient Than A 36mm Triple Glazed Unit

opens new possibilities for both new build projects and refurbishment of existing windows. At a mere 6.7mm, Fineo vacuum double-glazing is perfect for retrofitting into existing timber sash frames, protecting the precious authentic outward appearance.

Thermal Efficiency:
Fineo delivers superior energy efficiencies and insulation values. Fineo has a thermal transmittance value (u-value) of 0.7 W/m2K. Single glazing has a u-value of 5.0+ and 1.0+ for double glazing. New triple glazing can be as high as 0.9, so Fineo is 12.5% more energy efficient! Click here to view the declaration of conformity to EN 673: 2011 for U-values.

Acoustic Properties:
In addition to heat retention, Fineo has exceptional acoustic properties. It has a perceived noise reduction of 34% when compared to single glazing.

Sash window house

Perfect for retrofitting into existing timber sash window frames

Fineo couple

Light Weight:
Fineo is a lot lighter than double and triple glazing. This not only makes it much more convenient for professionals to install, but also has functional and economic advantages. Window frames, particularly movable sashes are subject to smaller loads, so they last longer. 

15 Year Guarantee:
Fineo is manufactured by AGC in conjunction with Panasonic. Fineo has a market leading 15 year guarantee. Most slim double-glazing only has a 5 year guarantee due to their use of inert gases, which escape over time.

The energy you save with Fineo will significantly help reduce your carbon footprint. The production of Fineo glass is based on sustainable principles, as it is a vacuum insulated glazing it does not use harmful inert gases.