Traditional Sash Windows With Modern Energy Performance

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Energy-efficiency upgrade with Pilkington Spacia™ — the world’s thinnest double-glazing.

Large, timber-framed sash windows are one of the most recognisable and desirable features of Georgian architecture, but they are also well known for their poor energy performance.

This was the challenge facing St Gerard’s school, a Catholic co-educational school.

The school was founded in 1918 and, while it has expanded into a series of more modern buildings over the years, it still uses its original building, Thornhill House, to house its administrative block.

st gerrardsThe building pre-dates the school itself and is more than 150 years old. On all sides of the building, and on both floors, are large, sliding sash windows.

As a result of the windows, energy-efficiency was very low, as Tom Geraghty, the school’s Headmaster explains: “While it is a very beautiful building, it was also expensive to heat, and difficult to keep warm during the colder months of the year – at least, not without intensive heating.

“We examined a range of options for improving the energy-efficiency of the windows. The frames were not deep enough to house standard double-glazing, and replacing all of the windows would entail a high cost and potentially impact the appearance of Thornhill House.

“That was when we learned from the installer about Pilkington Spacia™, which has the thickness of a single pane of glass but performs as effectively as double-glazing.”

The Installer, Energlaze, carried out the installation and, as well as replacing the glazing, the company also refurbished each window with new weights, pulleys and cords to ensure they all worked smoothly.

As a result of the refurbishment, heat-loss through the windows was reduced by almost 25 per cent.

Tom Geraghty continued: “The building is now warmer for longer. Even when we turn our heating off in the afternoon, it only loses a degree or so over several hours. Before that, the temperature would drop the moment the heating was switched off. So, it is efficient and we’re saving money on our energy costs.”

sash window

Julia Berkin, Brand & Marketing Communications Manager at Pilkington, added: “Replacing the windows of historic buildings can be an expensive project, and – if a different style is used – it can also be very detrimental to the whole look and feel of the space.

“By achieving double-glazing levels of energy performance in an ultra-thin system, comparable in thickness to a single pane, Pilkington Spacia™ allows occupants to enjoy modern standards of comfort yet retain the original appearance of the windows – the best of both worlds.”

Tom Geraghty added: “Another, unexpected benefit we’re really noticing is how quiet the building is now. The block is right next to the school buildings, car parks and senior rugby and hockey pitches, which means that noise levels inside could get pretty high, which wasn’t ideal for staff. The Pilkington Spacia™ installation has resulted in a significant reduction in external noise levels and as such created a much-improved work environment.”

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Energlaze is now a CORGI Fenestration Registered Company

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Energlaze UK is delighted to confirm that we are now a CORGI Fenestration Registered Company!

Corgi markThe CORGI Fenestration symbol is a mark of trust, reliability, safety, and expertise.


This coupled with our GGF membership gives our existing and future customers the confidence that they are dealing with a professional and highly reputable company.

Pilkington Spacia™ – Modern Comfort for Period Homes.

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spacia logo 

The revolutionary double-glazed unit that keeps on giving and it’s the same size as single glazing.


Not only is Pilkington Spacia™ the world’s thinnest double-glazed unit, it has thermal efficiencies better than most double-glazed units and Pilkington Spacia™ Cool offers thermal efficiencies similar to or indeed better than some triple-glazed units.

Remember, the lower the U-value the better the insulation:

  • Single glazing centre pane: 5.8 W/m²K (most period homes/buildings will have single glazing)
  • Common double-glazed unit currently installed in new windows: 1.2 W/m²K
  • Pilkington Spacia™ Cool: 0.9 W/m²K
  • Pilkington Spacia™ ST: 1.1 W/m²K.

These exceptional U-values, combined with its slim profile of just 6 mm (1/4”), make Pilkington Spacia™ the perfect solution for period homes with timber sash windows. The exceptionally thin profile means it is suitable for retrofitting into existing timber window frames and thus eliminate the need to replace frames in order to accommodate bigger and heavier double or even triple glazing. Another positive for this amazing product is that in most cases if a full window refurbishment is undertaken ie draught proofing etc then it is possible to achieve overall window u-values that meet or exceed current building regulations for new buildings/dwellings.

If the above is not impressive enough, then other benefits include a 6dB improvement in noise reduction compared to single glazing and a 4dB reduction compared to conventional double glazing. A 6dB reduction represents a perceived volume reduction of 34%.

We are so confident of the longevity of this product that if purchased through ENERGLAZE UK, its sister company ENERGLAZE Ireland or one of our approved installers, we will offer a market-leading guarantee of 15 years against unit failure. This is on average 10 years longer than any competitors’ products on the market and 5 years longer than conventional double glazing.

For further information and a free no obligation quotation/survey:

+44 (0) 161 50 50 626

(01) 901 1635


Old Glass is Cold Glass — Change The Panes, Keep Your Frames!

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Five of the major Energy providers have so far announced higher than inflation price rises, which will have an impact on almost every household in Britain

The vast majority of homeowners already know about the money- saving benefits of insulating their houses. But how many realise that they can upgrade the glass in their existing double glazed windows without changing the actual window frames?

At the best of times, glass is an extremely poor insulator. In fact, of all the components in your home, it is through the windows that most heat is lost. For example given a wall and a window the same size, the window will allow up to 8 times more heat to escape. If you need further proof, pressing the palm of your hand against the inside of a window on a cold winter’s night should be more than enough to convince you. Thermally inefficient windows not only reduce the warmth and comfort of your home, they greatly increase your energy bills, too. Thankfully, there is now a way to stay warm and cosy all winter long, while at the same time future-proofing your home against rising energy costs, as well as improving your home’s energy rating.

Recent advances in glass technology have resulted in glass that is up to 70% more efficient than the standard double-glazing of old. The inner pane features a special low-emissivity (low-e) invisible coating that reflects the heat from your central heating system, wood-burning stove or open fire back into the room. On top of that, heat is prevented from escaping as the cavity between the two panes of glass is filled with argon gas. Thermal efficiency is further enhanced by an outer pane – with a lower iron content – that enables more of the sun’s heat to get into the house. This is known as ‘solar gain’ and it produces a kind of greenhouse effect.

In these straitened times, some homeowners might feel they’re not in a position to invest in new windows – despite the obvious money- saving advantages. However, there is now a highly attractive alternative to a full window replacement – one that costs up to 50% less! Employing the latest glass technology from Pilkington’s, new heat-retaining glass panes can be retrofitted into existing uPVC window frames.

One of the companies offering this breakthrough service is EnerGlaze, whose managing director, Peter Campbell, believes wholeheartedly that retrofitting is the way forward for UK homes. “For less than half the cost of a complete window replacement, homeowners can enjoy a warmer home, virtually eliminate internal condensation and save up to £350 on their annual energy bills. What’s more, as we retain the existing window frames, work can normally be completed within a single working day. Another huge benefit is there is no redecoration required. Our new double-glazing glass units offer thermal efficiencies which up to a couple of months ago could only be achieved with triple-glazing. The majority of homes in the UK have perfectly good window frames and therefore upgrading the glass in them really does make perfect sense,” Campbell adds.

A New Approach To Upgrading Windows

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A BRAND new approach to upgrading and improving existing windows that costs half the price of installing new ones is sweeping across the nation.

The initiative involves simply replacing window panes in the home with the latest hi-tech, energy-efficient glass and it’s a simple, affordable concept that pays for itself over time through significantly reduced energy bills. One of the companies behind this new creative approach in window insulation is retrofitting, who say homeowners can also save as much as 50 per cent by replacing their glass compared to the cost of fitting new windows.

Thousands of homeowners all over the UK are currently spending hundreds of pounds more on energy than they should be because the heat is literally flying out poorly insulated windows. And EnerGlaze say it’s a problem that’s easily solved.

EnerGlaze simply installs a new heat-retaining double-glazed unit into existing uPVC windows, and the new unit is up to 70 per cent more efficient than a standard double-glazed unit.

The glass used by EnerGlaze is new to the UK since but already it’s proving to be a big hit with energy conscious homeowners.

As well as replacing the glass, EnerGlaze fitters also give existing windows a complete overhaul by replacing weather seals, hinges and locks where necessary, and offer advice on security measures such as toughened safety glass or laminated anti-theft glass.The work can all be done with existing windows, meaning there’s no costly redecorating or moving of alarm sensors.

EnerGlaze Managing Director, Peter Campbell, says that the uptake for this new service has been fantastic, and the benefits are being enjoyed by hundreds of homeowners already.

“There’s really nothing to lose as in the rare case where windows are not in good enough condition to warrant an upgrade we can also install new windows and doors with this new glass,” he says.

“In addition to the energy-efficient double-glazed glass units, we can match most types of window panes and consumers can also opt to incorporate many different variations such as self-cleaning glass for awkward areas, a solar control glass for conservatories and, if noise is an issue, an acoustic glass to reduce the sound of traffic and other noise.”