Get rid of single glazing – for the sake of the environment

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Get rid of single glazing – for the sake of the environment!

“There’s no point in protecting the past if we can’t guarantee the future.”

If you live or work in a period home or building then you’ll know it is terribly difficult to heat, especially if you have high ceilings and single glazed sash or casement windows. There are an estimated 5 million period homes and properties in the UK. The vast majority of these still have single glazing, which is inefficient and bad for the environment.

Uk houses with fineo

Single glazing must be removed from those homes and buildings as a matter of urgency. We need to update all planning restrictions to make climate change front and centre in all decision making – and decisions must be fast tracked. There should be government support in the form of grants to help homeowners with the costs of removing single glazing. Energlaze (as the official distributor in the UK and Ireland of FINEO) promotes the retention of existing window frames, where possible, through the retrofitting of ultra thin FINEO vacuum insulating glazing. We don’t have 30 years to wait for change. We need change now. Because in 30 years we may not need any glass in our windows!

Retrofitting FINEO vacuum glazing into your existing timber windows will literally turn your windows into radiators. Checkout the temperature differences compared to single glazing.  

Fineo adds warmth and comfort to older homes and you don’t even have to change the window frames. Triple Glazing performance from a unit not much thicker than single glazing.

FINEO vacuum glazing has no conventional spacer bars. The gap between the two panes of glass is a mere 0.1mm. No need for time consuming and ugly duplex units! A plant-on bar using Fineo gives the impression of individual panes and looks fantastic.

With FINEO, less is more.

When FINEO vacuum glazing is compared to a standard 36mm triple glazed unit, the results are clear:

  • less glass
  • less weight
  • less external noise
  • less need to replace existing frames
  • less thickness (just 6.7mm)

  • more energy-efficient,
  • more natural light,
  • more reliable (20 years warranty)
  • more sustainable

Fineo comparison

The future of glazing is FINEO vacuum glazing.

Our colleagues at AGC Glass Europe don’t just think about the finished product Fineo, they think about their “Ecological Footprint” and about the processes involved to manufacture from start to finish. Fineo not only makes homes and buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient, it promotes the retention of existing frames where possible and it is produced in the most sustainable way with a commitment to continually improve.

eco friendly glass

  • Compared to triple glazing, the production of FINEO can save up to 40% of emitted CO2.
  • FINEO reaches a U-value of 0.7 – equivalent to triple glazing. Better insulation means lower heating needs. For instance, replacing single glazing with FINEO in a 2-facade house allows to save the equivalent of 40 cars riding 15.000km a year over the lifetime of the product.
  • FINEO can be retrofitted in existing frames, limiting the need for new materials.
  • FINEO is 100% recyclable – which outperforms other insulating glazing.

The team at FINEO are not only passionate about the energy saving vacuum glazing they produce, they are also passionate about saving the energy they use to produce it.
Fineo uses no inert gases, no organic sealants, it is the only vacuum glazing manufactured in Europe by AGC Glass Europe, it only uses two pieces of glass to achieve triple-glazing performance. FINEO is easily retrofitted into existing timber windows and steel windows. Fineo is also 100% recyclable, promotes sustainability and the circular economy. We all still have work to do — but we think this is a great start.

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Why “Wood” You?

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You wouldn’t replace a work of art just because it was old, so why replace your timber sash windows just because they are old?

Our new ultra-thin vacuum-insulated glazing can be easily retrofitted into existing timber sash and casement window frames. New ultra-thin FINEO affords period homes and buildings the opportunity to enjoy modern warmth and comfort, without changing the frames or impacting on their outward appearance. Is is also great for the environment.

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The main benefits of FINEO are that it has an amazingly low u-value of just 0.7 W/m2K making it 12.5% more energy efficient than a 36mm triple-glazed unit. The g-values and acoustics are also impressive but the real benefit is its slimness – only 6.1mm – making it the ideal solution for conservation and heritage projects, both domestic and commercial. Unlike other vacuum glazing FINEO has no vacuum extraction cap.

ENERGLAZE are delighted and very excited to have been appointed distributors for this amazing glazing in both the UK and Ireland.

We are currently looking to appoint a limited number of approved installers in the UK. Applicants must have at least 5 years experience in the sash window repair and refurbishment area and be capable of providing trade references and testimonials. Should you have an interest in becoming an installer, please click here.

Fineo Wins Sustainable Energy Award in Belgium

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The Belgian Prize for Energy and the Environment 2019 in the Sustainable Energy category was awarded for Fineo, the new vacuum double glazing from AGC Glass Europe and Panasonic, thanks to its remarkable insulation performance.

The prize is awarded to those who thanks to their achievement and creativity contribute towards saving the planet.

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A New Approach To Upgrading Old Windows

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People in older, harder to heat period or heritage homes can now enjoy all the warmth and comfort of triple glazing – without sacrificing the original authentic appearance. By simply replacing the window panes with the latest hi-tech, energy-efficient vacuum insulated glass, Fineo.

Not only is Fineo 12.5% warmer than triple glazing, it is only 6mm thick. So it easily fits into old timber frames. You will not only notice a massive improvement in the thermal efficiency but also to the acoustic levels and general home comfort.

Improving the energy efficiency of your home will also make a major impact on reducing your overall carbon footprint.

As well as replacing the glass, the experienced Energlaze craftspeople also give existing windows a complete overhaul where necessary, and offer expert advice.

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